Creating a Unique Experience

For our wedding, we wanted to create a one of a kind experience for our guests. As we looked around for a simple plug and play template for our wedding website, we quickly realized there was no perfect solution. The templates that were designed well, lacked the functionality we needed and the ones with all the functionality lacked the elegant UI.

Being a designer and developer, creating our own website from scratch was a no-brainer. It gave us the flexibility to create a unique experience that was fully customized to our needs.

We strategically created the site for two phases. The first phase was to tell our story of how we met. We sent the site's url with our save the dates cards to educate our guests about our website and to get them familiar with our domain for future use.

Phase two was the final product. The sites main objective was to gather our guest's RSVP for the wedding. This not only allowed us to have a real-time count of the guests attending, but we gathered important user data that we needed (food choices, allergies, email addresses, names of all +1 guests we didn't know, etc). While our guests were on our site, we provided them with all the information they needed.