VonZipper Website Redesign

Updating the shopping experience and bringing a fresh approach to the VonZipper brand.

Launching Early 2018

A Fresh New Look

VonZipper is an action sports eyewear brand from in San Clemente, California. They are known for their premium eyewear & goggles that are preferred by many professional athletes across the globe.

Our team worked closely with VonZipper to design a new website to streamline the connection with their consumer. The new cloud-based platform gives them a modern update to their online experience and a new opportunity to grow even further.

Analytic Driven Decisions

Before we started the design process, we dug deep into the website analytics. The data allowed us to create a new information architecture to organize categories based off pages with the highest views.

We focused on two key metrics. First, we leveraged the data to determine which device screen-size were most popular. Second, we studied which screen-size resulted in the highest sales. We used the data to create templates to insure important content on the key pages were above the fold for the highest performing screen size.

A Modern New Look

As part of the redesign, we focused on crafting a more mature tone for the brand. We primarily used a monochromatic color scheme to showcase the products and imagery on each page.

Launching Early 2018

VonZipper's website redesign is part of a global omni-channel project that is currently in development. Stay tuned to see more when it goes live.




Senior Designer

Design Director

Austin Neill