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Converting a simple print booklet into an immersive online lookbook and mixtape experience.

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Converting Physical to Digital

While working at Billabong, our team was approached to help create a unique digital solution for a physical print campaign. The original objective of the campaign was to pass out a usb drive of music, a physical booklet with some lifestyle shots, and some stickers to each customer who completed an in-store purchase.

The problem faced was the overwhelming cost of buying that many custom usb sticks to pass out to every customer. In addition, passing out physical tracks would be an archaic way to distribute music in this digital world. The campaign's approach then shifted to allow the customers to download the music online instead.

Reshaping the campaign

We were originally tasked to create a simple download page. After getting briefed on the project, we suggested a solution to turn the simple print booklet into a full digital campaign. We suggested recreating the lifestyle story in the booklet on the website to make the story more immersive and engaging.

By creating an online experience, Billabong was no longer limited to their in-store customer base but could now leverage this campaign to speak to their millions of followers across all their social media channels.

With this new digital approach to the campaign, we also suggested rethinking the music distribution. Because of the increasing trend of users streaming music instead of downloading and then adding to their devices, we suggested creating a playlist on Spotify. This allowed users to easily add the music to their libraries and created an opportunity for users to listen to the music while looking at the lifestyle campaign online.

Mobile First

Making the campaign mobile first was a priority. Our user acquisition for this campaign came from two channels: in-store booklet and social media posts. The users from each of these channels would be viewing primarily mobile devices. We created the designs from the initial concept to insure the ease of use on mobile.

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