Element Website Redesign

Improving the perception of an iconic global skate brand by reimagining the company's online shopping experience.

Launching Early 2018

Simplified Aesthetic

Element is a clothing and skateboard company founded in 1992. Since their inception they have become one of the largest and longest lasting skate brands in the industry. Being passionate about the environment, Element has been working hard to be honest and ethical in all the things they do.

Our team worked closely with Element Skateboards to design a new website to streamline the connection with their consumer. The new cloud-based platform gives them a modern update to their online experience and a new opportunity to grow even further.

As part of the redesign we created a cleaner aesthetic for the brand and simplified their typography. In addition, we merged their Men's & Women's sites into a single unified brand.

Launching Early 2018

Element's website redesign is part of a global omni-channel project that is currently in development. Stay tuned to see more when it goes live.




Senior Designer

Design Director

Austin Neill